Against the Grain (90mins), host Known as Sam w/ guest speaker Journalist Brian Hill – 05/30/2018

Brian had appeared on this radio show after Brian D. Hill’s (USWGO Alt News) Mother release by email to me of the FBI corruption and dereliction of duty documents and audio files for the purpose of getting the truth out. I am holding the FBI accountable in the court of public opinion on my blog. Brian appeared on this show to talk about his issues with the corrupt FBI office in Greensboro, North Carolina, the same city where the corrupt federal court judge William Lindsey Osteen Junior the dishonorable Judge. As well as the corrupt Supervisor Probation Officer Edward Cameron. So many corrupt government employees always try to take control and power over the large city regions because they know once they have full control they can do whatever they want and commit whatever crimes that they want. It is time for “Demonsboro” to get a WAKE UP CALL. It is time to reclaim Greensboro NC when we drain the swamp legally and purge all of the corruption there. That is why Donald Trump needs to be notified about this show broadcast as well as the leaked documents regarding corruption at the FBI in Greensboro, so that Trump can remove the corrupt bosses at the FBI offices and then replace them with patriots. I don’t care if they come after me and it appears that Brian doesn’t care either. It is a fight that is brutal when going against tyranny, the tyrants of power that care about themselves and not about the people and neither of the office they swore to serve. Brian called it Demonsboro, not saying that all people of Greensboro are evil, but are only pointing to the corrupt government people and corrupt Judges and corrupt government employees inside of Greensboro. There are good people in Greensboro that need to be reading these articles and start petitioning the Feds, the White House as Trump has the legal right to fire people from the FBI. We need to get the corrupt demons out of Greensboro, North Carolina. We must pray to God and exercise these demons out of the Government, then we can start draining the swamp and ending the suffrage of the American people nationwide.

Source: Against the Grain (90mins), host Known as Sam w/ guest speaker Journalist Brian Hill – 05/30/2018

Against The Grain with show host Known As Sam

Wednesday @ 4:30PM Pacific Time or 7:30PM Eastern Time

Guest speakers featured every week whose knowledge, careers or lifestyle are based outside of societal engineered norms.

This weeks special guest: Brian D. Hill

Brian D. Hill, a Former Alternative Media Journalist who tried to fight the political corruption all by himself, armed with knowledge but limited with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He founded and operated USWGO Alternative News at, then was transformed into a wrongfully convicted felon who continues to fight for acquittal. Trying to prove actual innocence, due process deprivation, health deprivation while incarcerated, and was forced into a false guilty plea agreement, but he is still willing to risk life and limb to prove innocence. Will Brian be acquitted in the corrupt Federal judicial system, which has a 93% successful criminal conviction rate? He is the victim of political and judicial corruption, denied justice by court appointed lawyers. What has happened to Brian D. Hill has happened to Ryan Ferguson, Kalvin Michael Smith, Amanda Knox, Rubin Carter (The Hurricane) and other wrongfully convicted people.

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