Alex Jones receiving a child pornography set up attempt, reported to the FBI?

Stanley Bolten,

This is the day I have feared for the worst of all to happen to good patriots and alternative media. The child pornography set up attacks continue while Brian sits wrongfully convicted and ignored by the FBI.

Now somebody or maybe even a group of people, has sent child pornography to Alex Jones, according to his claims, and it is likely in an attempt to set him up just like Luke Rudkowski and Stewart Rhodes. Why would anybody want to send child porn to the media? Most likely to set people up and silence the media and create a massive chilling effect.

YouTube Link in case the embed doesn’t start the video at 51(min):20(sec)

Alex Jones has just acknowledged on air that somebody has attempted to send him child pornography, the “most horrible vile child porn” as Alex Jones said it on air for the Friday edition of the Alex Jones show, this the 13th day of April, 2018.

I have created a rough transcript of this statement:

“I was sent by the Pentagon and by Dr. Corsi stuff…that we call the FBI about…I’m not even sure that we can be sent this stuff here. There’s no reply from the FBI. Just like when we get sent the most horrible vile child porn I call the FBI. Called them again this week. Cause we have the RSVP to go speak at the national press club and (maybe he said “somebody” )was sending child porn to that is the harassment we deal with.”

I don’t have the details and am waiting to see if anybody from Infowars is willing to make a public comment on the whole claim that Alex had just made yesterday during his radio broadcast.

Sounds similar to what had happened to Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, and Melissa Melton.

the YouTube video regarding Melissa Melton being given a set up attempt has disappeared off of YouTube. A link to a posting regarding the set up is here!

Now it has apparently happened to Alex Jones of Infowars, Free Speech Systems, LLC. In the heart of Austin, Texas.

This wasn’t the only time that Alex Jones had hinted around that people were going to try to plant child porn files on him, in his possession, just like the possession charge that Brian Hill had received back in December, 2013 (technical possession of child porn once files are planted on you), where Brian was placed on suicide watch after being arrested by the Department of Homeland Security, forcefully removed from Martinsville Memorial Hospital which is now Sovah Hospital in Virginia.

Exclusive: Alex Jones Bares His Soul About New Lawsuit Filed Against Infowars – YouTube

A transcript of his statement dated March 12, 2018: Alex Jones said at 43:30 seconds (roughly approximately) into the video he said “They’re going to try to plant child porn on me, drug me up, put me in a room with a hooker.”

Then of course the next month he admits that he had to call the FBI because of somebody sending him child porn. Oh Boy!

In the threatening email Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News had filed with the federal court in a portion of all evidence filed for his 2255 claim of actual innocence, it had briefly mentioned the name “Alex Jones” and “others are next”. The same tormail account tactic and type of methods of operation, seems to be happening to those who were in Brian’s circle of friends, just as Attorney Susan Basko (Sue Basko) had mentioned about in her Document #46 Declaration under penalty of perjury in Brian’s criminal case.

Alex Jones, Dan (possibly Dan Johnson), and they were all targeted by child pornography set up attempts.

Right as the U.S. Attorney office in Greensboro, North Carolina are pushing for complete censorship of Brian’s criminal case by massively sealing all of his 2255 Motion court filings if they have their way and if they’re motion is granted by the U.S. Magistrate Judge in Durham, North Carolina.

Susan Basko also seems to want her name out of Brian’s criminal case as she had mentioned to me in one of her last email to me. I will not share the entiree message on my blog at this time in respect to Sue Basko. However it seems like the intimidation, the push for mentioning to the Court that Brian may commit suicide, and now Alex Jones is getting a child pornography set up attempt. If Brian does get assassinated or kills himself, then another child pornography set up victim and witness disappears off of the map. Usually these false flag operations happen before something major happens. We need to keep Brian safe and we need the Feds to be consistently watched by patriots and whistleblowers.

The political character assassinations are usually done before an actual physical assassination or suicide.

We must remain vigilant, on HIGH ALERT!!!!

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  1. Its called porn bombing and it happens everyday to those in the flat earth online community. They get porn on their hangouts and google shuts them down as child pornographers.


    1. Thanks! We need every Alex Jones fan and every Information Warrior to reblog this stuff. I don’t care if people write their own damn articles on this. This isn’t even about me or Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News, this isn’t about Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live. This is about all of us needing to stop these type of set ups. People being set up with filthy child abuse images is worse than death. Some commit suicide over false sex allegations including hunger strikes and everlasting fights to prove innocence to be exonerated in court. Some that were convicted of rape were later found innocent by DNA evidence thanks to the Innocence Project. The Government can freely plant evidence and convict innocent people if they mess with the wrong politician or get too close to the truth if that truth involves the Pedo Rings. The Pedo Rings fight back hard and they can plant the material on anybody. Then we are deprived of our Constitutional rights and can be imprisoned for crimes we did not do. This issue is very important as any of us can be framed and then our character is assassinated. Every blogger that supports free speech and free press needs to talk about this issue. It is common sense (Not Common Sense for non-psychopaths) to the criminals that they hijack law enforcement positions and get into seats of power to protect their pedophile interests. That is why we need to expose the pedophiles inside the deep state and law enforcement positions and stop them from getting away with child abuse while they throw innocent people in prison. We need to expose the District Attorneys and others if any are engaged in child abuse and can get away with it because of qualified or sovereign immunity. They can get away with child murder if they wanted to. Good thing Trump is going after them. We need to take the swamp down and we need to restore the rule of law otherwise we are a lawless world. This problem isn’t just in America, it is in every country that has its fair share of justices and injustices. We are all victims of corruption and injustices to some degree, whatever the case may be. It is time to drain the swamp.


    2. I am aware of the Magna Carta and the rights people fought for in England. People fighting for civil rights and human rights has been as old as centuries ago. The fight for justice and the fight for accountability.


  2. Reblogged this on ecoliberty and commented:
    Alex Jones is what got me started on starting my own blog. The elites are trying every thing in their power bring people like Alex Jones and those don’t go along with elites plan down. Let pray and hope people who try to set up Alex Jones on crime he never committed like child pornography which they try to set up to assassinate his character and ruin his reputation; don’t get their way.

    Let all stay strong and vigilant.


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