Download the Court Documents of Brian D. Hill’s criminal case from TORRENT now

Note: Don’t let the U.S. Attorney corrupt S.O.B. cover up and destroy the evidence of his actual innocence and evidence of the criminal behavior by the Feds criminal enterprise. Share that Torrent, post the court documents on places like scribd, Google Docs, everywhere. Email these court documents to whistleblowers and members of the media. GET THEM OUT EVERYWHERE before the U.S. Attorney’s wishes to massively seal and cover up all evidence of Brian’s wrongful conviction may come true.

Stanley Bolten,

Now all of his 2255 Motion Habeas Court civil/criminal case files concerning his actual innocence, as of April 11, 2018, are now shared on BitTorrent and and the toreent files have now been uploaded on several websites now. I have tried Concen but that website seems to be having difficulties. This TORRENT is legal and everybody is encouraged to download this torrent regarding all of the Habeas Corpus case files of Brian David Hill v. United States of America, Middle District of NC court. Torrents cannot be censored easily and only the torrent files can be censored by Court orders but those who had downloaded the public and completely legal court filings will still have a copy of those court documents from the CMECF and PACER.GOV sourced material.

Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News may face a pre-filing injunction and complete cover up of his evidence that would prove his actual innocence. He has responded and it may succeed or it may not.

BitTorrent and any darknet sharing software is now encouraged to get his civil habeas corpus case files out there before the Court may attempt to cover up and censor the material because AUSA Ramasamy wants to whine, to bitch and moan about how Brian is being mean for trying to prove his innocence and that the Prosecutor had engaged in fraud on the court.

Remember, this Torrent download is legal right now and it is encouraged to download this material now while it is legal before the attempted cover up and censorship by any corrupt Federal Judges.

If AUSA Ramaswamy has his way, it is impotent that this BitTorrent upload be shared with as many users as possible.

Torrent uploads of his court case files:

Court Docs of USWGO Alt News that may face COVER UP, CENSORSHIP – Torrent (Monova)

Torrent4You Mirror

SeedPeer Mirror

Demonoid Mirror (separate Torrent but same files)

Description of Torrent:


Stanley Bolten,


USWGO Alternative NEWS reporter Brian David Hill (Brian D. Hill)
is under attack. The corrupt U.S. Attorney asst. Anand Prakash
Ramaswamy is behaving like a spoiled little crybaby that is
crying foul of Brian’s allegations backed by Declarations (which
are Affidavits that are not notarized), evidence declared under
penalty of perjury, and other important evidence, as well as docs
on the record of his criminal and civil cases.

These are the crimes that AUSA Raamswamy should face charges of:

1. Obstruction of Justice under 18 U.S. Code § 1519
2. Subornation of Perjury under 18 U.S. Code § 1622
3. Deprivation of Brian David Hill’s disability and
constitutional rights under the color of law under
18 U.S. Code § 242

These are the crimes that AUSA Raamswamy’s witness Kristy L. Burton
should face charges of:

1. Perjury under 18 U.S. Code § 1621
2. Subornation pf Perjury under 18 U.S. Code § 1622
3. Deprivation of Brian David Hill’s disability and
constitutional rights under the color of law under
18 U.S. Code § 242

Brian David Hill v. United States of America; case files, detail
the proven actual innocence and facts that Brian D. Hill is
actually innocent and that he was framed with a crime that he
did not permit. Government corruption, Government crimes being
committed to keep him trapped on federal probation.

Ramaswamy is pushing for a motion to request a mass sealing of
all court documents concerning Brian’s actual innocence,
concerning the fraud on the court by AUSA Ramawamy and Kristy L.
Burton. Not just that but also a pre-filing injunction barring
Brian from filing any evidence, motions, or even cases in federal
or state court without asking for permission and such motion based
on the Government’s false or inaccurate filing abuse allegations,
using case law that does not apply to Brian’s case situation, and making
conclusory allegations himself without any proof while accusing
Brian of making conclusory allegations and defaming the Government
without giving them an opportunity to respond, even though it is the
Government’s duty and ethical obligation to have their witnesses
respond to Brian’s allegations whether they be true or false. The
Government has perpetuated a protectionism and derelicition of duty.

The misconduct that Brian is recently being accused of, is the very
same misconduct exhibited by the Feds in his case.

Brian David Hill v. United States,
United States District Court, Middle District of North Carolina
Case # 1:13-cr-435-1
Case # 1:17-cv-1036

Two news articles are printed and included as proof of the attempted

1. Assistant U.S. Attorney pushes for injunction to shut down
FOIA_2255 cases – ALERT!!!!!!!.pdf
2. USWGO News Brian Hill files response to Government’s Pre-filing
Injunction Motion.pdf
Case files in the “HillvUSA Court documents” folder.

Source of documents is here:

Protect this information as if your life was on the line.

If we let Brian’s evidence go into the DARK OF THE NIGHT,
THEN they can do the same thing to you, your family, your friends.

The Feds could put you in a FEDERAL TRIBUNAL, treat you like a terrorist,
make false allegations/accusations against you, use false
evidence against you, and threaten you with sanctions and
imprisonment if you disagree and want to legally argue otherwise.

All of this because you may be an alternative news reporter or
political activist.

Don’t let the Feds make an example out of Brian to the rest of
the alternative media. Don’t let his test case of persecution by
the Feds to be an accepted practice in the legal system, the criminal
injustice system.

So this TORRENT is released as of April 11, 2018.

Send these to Wikileaks, Anonymous, alternative media and media
alike. Freedom of the press is under attack. We hang together or
we hang seperately as Alex Jones had stated over the years.


SHARE THIS TORRENT!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian may end up dead like Aaron Swartz and targeted like those that
have been highlighted by the Courage foundation.

Time to seed this TORRENT until hundreds of people share and
download this TORRENT’S content.

God Bless America!

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